Zoe Plush Pony


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Product Description

How can you inspire a child to love and dream and at the same time help keep our Wild Horses safe? Just purchase a cuddly Peace Pony Plush Pal and your special gift will help to support our Wild Horses! We donate 5% of our net profits to preserve and protect our sacred Wild Horses.

Wanna play? The soft fuzzy Peace Pony Plush Pals are ready to frolic with you! With thundering hooves they gallop over plains and valleys making dust clouds in the wind. Sometimes they stop at the river, their elegant heads held up sniffing fresh air. At sunset the songs of the wild horses echo in the mountain cliffs and through the trees sending a call for protection throughout all of nature.

Hold your pony tight in your arms and feel the deep peace as you rest your head upon it’s soft mane. Feel the comfort as you drift off to sleep and dream of warm, magical, happy places. These charming little ponies are the answer to the freedom call of the Wild Horses echoing in your dreams.